The proper installation of flooring in gyms or cross boxes is the first step to benefit from the advantages of the floor. A thorough & careful working method is as important as the correct procedure. All necessary steps are explained in the following sections.

Tutorial: Installing gym flooring on the roll

1. Preparation of the ground

  • The right choice of the appropriate ground for the installation of floor mats is important. Concrete and screed (not for dropping areas) are a good choice, whereas wood floor will be damaged long-term because of the glue.
  • Before the installation, the ground has to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure optimal adherence. Therefore it should be sweeped and cleaned moistly afterwards. All dirt particles should be eliminated.
  • Existing unevenness should be removed with smoothing compound according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This is important for obtaining an even and durable sports floor. Subsequently a cleaning has to follow once again.
  • Priming the floor increases the adherence of the used glue and is recommended.

2. Preparation of the rubber floor

  • Rubber flooring shows dimensional tolerances depending on the temperature. Therefore the floor should be stored at constant room temperatur at the place of installation to ensure exact dimensions.
  • Flooring on the roll is prone to roll up at the beginning. For that reason the floor mats have to be rolled out and the side rolling up placed facing down. Additional the bottom and corners of the sheets can be slightly weighted to avoid rolling up by itself.

3. Installing the flooring

  • The dispersion or PU adhesive should be spread on the ground surface according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Usually a toothed spatula is used for that.
  • For the installation in wet areas or in areas with extreme fluctuations in temperature, a 2-K-PU adhesive should be used.
  • Once the airing time has elapsed (the excess water in the adhesive must escape into the air), the floor mats can be laid with butt joints. The bottom side of the roll (identified by indication)
    is placed on the adhesive.
  • The sheets are pressed against the ground with a roller. This prevents the formation of bubbles and improves therefore the adherence of the rubber flooring.

4. Optional: Sealing for durable sports floor

  • After hardening of the adhesive, coating with PU finish facilitates cleansing, increases the lifespan of the floor mats and improves slip-resistance for the sake of the athlete.
  • Another cleansing of the installed flooring is necessary before sealing to eliminate fine particles.
  • One to three coats of the varnish have proved to be ideal.

General instructions:

  • Working with several people is helpful and recommended for the installation of flooring on a roll. Often the sheets have to be positioned by one person and rolled out by another person.
  • Glueing at common room temperature between 15° to 25° C produces the best results. When surrounded by extreme temperatures, the properties of the adhesive are affected significantly.
  • Professional support is recommended. The one-time costs are often compensated by the avoidance of small but expensive imperfections.
  • Manufacturer’s notifications are essential for all used products. They give information about curing and drying time or appropriate tools for the installation.
  • The ground must not be entered during curing time of the adhesive or varnish to prevent damage to the installation.

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